The 2014 Atlanta BeltLine Annual Bicycle Tour was a great success!

Saturday’s 7th Atlanta BeltLine Annual Bicycle Tour was a great success! The sold-out event, organized in tandem with the Atlanta BeltLine Partnership, had 500 riders on two rides that traced through the Atlanta BeltLine corridor and surrounding neighborhoods.

The Atlanta Cycling Festival is here! June 7 - June 14

The Atlanta Cycling Festival is a week-long festival all around bicycling -  the first-ever in Atlanta!

This week-long festival from June 7-14 is all about bicycling and has something for everyone, whether you're just starting or you've been involved for years, with classes, events and, of course, rides. 

Check out their video and just try not to be inspired. 

Then check out all the events this week

What's louder than a complaint? Thank you!

What's louder than a complaint? Those two simple words your momma insisted on: THANK YOU. The headline "some people are upset" can be applied to nearly everything, but in this case it's the new bike lanes on Decatur Street. That's why we're asking everyone who supports more bikeways around town to email a City of Atlanta official from the list below to say thanks!

Read more for the list with contact information.

Opening: Membership & Donor Coordinator

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is a member-based organization, and our wonderful membership coordinator is moving to Chicago this summer! So we’re looking for a new addition to our staff. If you’re interested in working to advance our mission of making Atlanta happier, healthier, and more livable by bike, please read the job description below and get in touch.

The membership coordinator is responsible for the day to day management of the membership and donor program at the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. Your role will be to oversee the continued growth of membership and donor contributions to support the work of the organization.

The ideal candidate will demonstrate passion for the mission of bicycle advocacy, good interpersonal and communication skills, the ability to manage detailed projects and meet deadlines, and be a quick learner.

Read more for details. Deadline to apply July 1st.

New bicycle lanes could boost cycling around city

Six recently completed projects bring new bike lanes to several neighborhoods and could encourage more people to cycle instead of drive along key corridors in the City of Atlanta. As part of a vision to implement the city’s complete streets policy, City officials are moving forward with goals to make roadways safe for all modes of transportation, including walking, driving and cycling. 
The Departments of Planning and Community Development and Public Works are more than halfway through completing 11 fully funded high-priority bicycle projects as part of the City’s comprehensive bicycle plan called Cycle Atlanta Phase 1.0. From alternating bike lanes, to installing new, green bike boxes, to reducing the number of travel lanes on some roadways, these projects are designed to make cycling in Atlanta easier and safer. 
Read more for a list of projects.
Decatur Street bike lane and bike box

New bike infrastructure installed by City of Atlanta - a few examples

New! Exciting! Bike projects! This is just the tip of the iceberg - look for many more City of Atlanta bike projects coming your way soon! Read more for a few examples. Full story from the Planning Office coming soon. 

Other new projects include the Atlanta Streetcar. People on bikes, please be alert: heading west into Downtown along the streetcar: ride Edgewood. Heading east towards Inman Park: ride Auburn. This will keep you from riding between streetcar rails and parked cars -- not a good idea! 

What's all the green paint about? Bike boxes: what they mean and how to use them

A bike box is a colored area at a signalized intersection that allows people on bikes to pull in front of waiting traffic. Designed to be used only at red lights, the box is intended to reduce car-bike conflicts, increase cyclist visibility and provide bicyclists with a head start when the light turns green.They can be used to help people on bikes make left turns across busy streets, or to prevent them from being hit by drivers who didn't see them waiting on their right.

Bike boxes have been shown to be most effective when paired with a brightly colored bike lane that extends through the intersection, to remind motorists that cyclists may be traveling straight. 

Bike boxes are called “advance stop lines” in Europe and Asia, where this safety device was first employed. The concept is now gaining popularity in cities in the U.S.A.

Read more for how a bike box works. Image credit

Ride with Mayor Reed draws 150 Atlantans to ride from City Hall to Jazz Festival

On Saturday, May 24, 2014, some 150 Atlantans joined Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, and partners on a bike ride to the Atlanta Jazz Festival from City Hall. Free-Flite Bicycles and Trek Bicycle donated a bike to the mayor, who spoke warmly of the rise in biking in Atlanta, and celebrated National Bike Month and the city's selection as a The Green Lane Project city by
Mayor Reed reminded the crowd of the city's goals: double the percentage biking to work, double miles of bike lanes and trails, and a 500 bike share program. He also commended ABC's Atlanta Streets Alive events as well as the Atlanta BeltLine, and city departments including City of Atlanta Department of PlanningCity of Atlanta Department of Public Works, and City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation and City of Atlanta Office of Sustainability's roles in making Atlanta more bikeable.

No stopping, standing, or PARKING in the bike lane

People are continuing to park in the bike lane on Edgewood Avenue, despite the signs and enforcement efforts. 

This creates a safety hazard for people on bikes, who are forced to jut out into traffic to go around the parked vehicles. Often there are available spaces across the street or nearby.

Edgewood may be the hardest-working street in Atlanta right now, between streetcar tracks, construction, local businesses, and people on foot and on bike. People across Atlanta are biking more these days for so many reasons - to get to work while getting a workout, to visit friends, and to shop and dine at local businesses.
Remember, just because you're on a bike does not make you exempt - be part of the solution by obeying all traffic signals. Every time you run a red light it aggravates drivers and makes us all a little less safe.
To report a parking violation, please call Park Atlanta at 404-750-2263. There should be a supervisor on call. 
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