Thank you for speaking up!

Thank you! For showing up and speaking up at the Infrastructure Bond meetings.

It's been great to see the number of bikes, bike shirts, and bike advocates at all the public meetings! What's even better are the questions we've been asking and the engagement we've been having with elected and public officials. Through the public conversation we have made it clear that prioritizing complete streets that serve the needs of people in all modes of transportation is a top priority!

Please follow up to reinforce our ask: 15%, or $37.5 million, for bikeways in 2015, by emailing 

Next Steps:

This batch of meetings were part of the first of three rounds of public engagement. The next round will be held in September and will include a rough draft of projects the Infrastructure Bond would support. These projects will then be present for City Councilmembers to vote on. The list Councilmembers approve will then be presented in the third and final round of public engagement to be held in January.The final list will go be up for public vote on March 17th, 2014.

Let’s keep up our involvement through the entire process!


Figure 1. Image from Public Involvement Meeting at Drew Charter School on July 15, 2014. Photo Credit: Lisa Safstrom