How Bike Commuting Has Changed in Atlanta Since 1990

According to the newest report from the Census Bureau, the number of Americans who bike to work has risen 60% in the past ten years. This left us wondering how bike commuting has changed in Atlanta, so we used the Census Explorer to compare the percentage of Atlanta bike commuters in 1990, 2000, and 2012. Here’s what we found:

In 1990, only one census tract in Atlanta had more than 5% of its residents commuting by bike--Old 4th Ward (5.2%). Georgia Tech and Home Park had the next highest percentages, with 3.8 and 4.6%, respectively. More neighborhoods had residents bike commuting in 2000, but none had more than 4.3%.  

In 2012, four Atlanta census tracts had more than 5% of their residents commuting by bike: Glenwood Park, Inman Park/L5P, Midtown, and Home Park. Several other census tracts had impressive percentages that ranged from 3 to 4.7. One census tract in Clayton county had a whopping 10.5% of its residents biking to work.

Atlanta has come a long way since 1990.

Check out the images below to explore how commuting has changed in Atlanta over the past 22 years. The darkest color represents areas with 5% or more of residents commuting by bike. The middle color represents between 1% and 4%. The lightest color represents areas with less than 1%. See how your own neighborhood stacks up using the Census Explorer.









1990                                                                              2000                                                                            2012