Profiles in Biking: Leigh Hopkins

Name: Leigh Hopkins

Age:    37

Are you a bike commuter?


What keeps you busy?

I’m a senior project manager at the Georgia Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute.

Tell us about yourself

I’m former bike racer turned mom of two amazing boys, founder and head coach at amFIT (a bootcamp-style fitness group in Decatur), and a part time yoga instructor.

Why did you start bike commuting?   

Living in Decatur, we only needed one car, and it was a great way to save money and get some miles in the legs before training in the evening. Now, with two kids and a tight work schedule, sometimes it's my only time to exercise during the day.  Beating the traffic with a scenic and serene ride through Atlanta's neighborhood streets is an amazing way to start and end the work day!

Do you have any advice for new or prospective bike commuters?  

Be prepared: 1) the night before your commute, check the weather, and 2) pack your bags accordingly, and do it the night before so there's no excuse not to ride in the morning!  the hardest part is always getting started, and if you're prepared, you've already won half the battle.   

What's the most interesting thing that has happened to you on your commute?

Interesting things happen on every ride - flat tires, pannier bags break, lights not charged, etc.  But I also run into friends, stop by a market on the way home, and notice things that I wouldn't normally take the time to look at if I were in my car.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Just's a fun way to get fit and get to where you want to go!  Atlanta is becoming a very bike friendly city with the help of our local elected officials, ABC, and campaigns like this. Keep up the great work!