A bike commute is looking pretty good

This week's two inch snowfall gave us plenty of time to think. Reading stories about Good Samaritans was heartwarming and led to a larger realization: people in the South care about each other. We're cooperative and hospitable, and we'll go far out of our way to help each other in times of need.

But when it comes to ordinary times, we're so mired in the way things are, our own day to day, that we can't lift our heads to see the ways things might be.

Then a video like this comes along that illuminates another way.  

#halfinchavalanche bike commute from Mike Weigand on Vimeo.

On our Facebook page, we posted:

Our hearts go out to everyone STILL stuck in their cars. What a nightmare! Georgia isn't designed to handle all the single driver cars on the road on a normal day, so 2 inches of snow can throw the system into chaos. 

Do you think it's time we got real options so we're not completely car-dependent? Is it time yet for the long-awaited transportation plan b?! 

Yesterday a #bikecommute looked pretty good. 

The post garnered tons of likes and shares, way more than our typical post. And we aren't alone. Calls for transportation options that should be a given in 2014 but are far from that in Georgia flooded the twitterverse and other social media outlets. 

It feels like we're beginning to look up, past today's view and down the road towards a multimodal future. We wouldn't place all our investments in one technology, but that's essentially what we've done transportation-wise over the past 50 years in metro Atlanta.

There are bright spots, of course, and we think the growing number of people trying a bike commute is one.

Because this week, a bike commute looked pretty good. And tomorrow, if we all gaze forward, it could look much better. Tomorrow, we'll share one idea that could help track a way forward.