Atlanta Streets Alive celebrates human powered movement Sunday, May 19

Our open streets project, Atlanta Streets Alive, survived a little weather to transform Peachtree Street for the afternoon. Did you attend? Have input to share? Let us know your thoughts.

With the City's support, we're planning to grow to three events this year.

Tentative fall dates: Sunday, September 8 (Peachtree plus!) and Sunday, October 6 (return to Highland!)

Check out images from May 19, and please donate or join ABC to support this culture-changing project! 




Atlanta Streets Alive is about closing streets to cars and opening them to the public — for 4 hours — to create a whole new healthy, sustainable and vibrant city street experience.

The idea originated in Bogotá, Columbia, where neighborhood activists opened the streets for people to bike, skate, or use any human powered means of transportation, while temporarily closing them to motor vehicles. In Bogotá today, 70 miles of streets are opened to the public from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Sunday. Amazingly, over 800,000 people – young and old, on foot, bike, and every imaginable kind of wheeled device – take part each week!

How to Participate:

1) Share the video

2) Check out the interactive activity finder map.

3) Invite friends, family and neighbors to reach our goal of 30,000 people out on 3 miles of Atlanta’s Peachtree Street via Facebook event.

4) Find us on social media: & (use hashtag #streetsalive) or visit for details. 

5) Share pictures from the day on social media or flickr.



I do have some feedback for the atlanta streets alive event.  I want to start off saying I had an awesome time, I loved riding my bike on peachtree, especially zig-zagging across 4 lanes, it was a blast! It also inspired me to become a member of ABC so I definitely look forward to more events like it.  I just wanted to let you know that I did have a bike accident during the event.  It was very close to the bridge that goes over 85 downtown.  There were some grooves in the road that looked similar to street car lines and my wheel got caught in one (I didn't see them) and it caused me to crash.  I ended up fracturing my left pinky which means no biking for at least 5 weeks.  :(  I just wanted to let you guys know to see if there is a way dangers in the road like this could be marked in some way to help prevent accidents like this next time you guys have this event.  Thanks!!

thank you for letting us know!

Oh my goodness! Thank you for letting us know, and my apologies for not seeing this sooner (got caught in our spam filter for comments). We will take a look and see if we can't station someone over that spot during the next event Sept 8. Have you reported it to Midtown Alliance? They may be able to actually fix it. They monitor hazards reported on We'll mention it to them as well.