City of Atlanta sets ambitious bike goals

2012 marked a turning point in the bicycle history of the City of Atlanta. For the first time, not only is the city setting ambitious goals when it comes to creating bicycle infrastructure, they are making real investments in these improvements, and funding plans that once would have sat on a shelf for years. Here's a presentation to City Council summarizing the state of cycling in Atlanta today, current city and partner funding sources and projects, and goals for a bright bicycling future for our city. View below or read more for the text version.



Bicycle Facilities Today (February 2013)

• 69.4 miles of bicycle facilities including

• 29.0 miles of shared‐use paths (PATH Foundation)

• 34.3 miles of bicycle lanes

• 6.1 miles of sharrows

• One innovative intersection treatment

High‐Priority Bicycle Projects Funded for 2013

• 15 miles of high quality bicycle facilities

• +6 miles of buffered bicycle lanes, bicycle boulevards and protected / raised cycle tracks

• +30 innovative intersection treatments

• Constructed between Feb 2013 and Dec 2013


• Atlanta’s first bicycle boulevard/community street greenway along JP Brawley Dr

connecting English Avenue with Westside Trail & Atlanta University Center

• Two‐way cycle tracks on 10th St, C Allen Dr/Parkway/Jackson St, Mangum St/Walker St and Peachtree Center Ave corridors

• Complete Street retrofits on Decatur St, Hemphill Ave and Peachtree St at I‐75/85 to add bicycle lanes

• Resurfacing and installation of sharrows on Howard Cir, Grant St, Krog St and other key connections

• Upgrade existing bicycle lanes along 5th St, Edgewood Ave,, RD Abernathy Blvd, and W Peachtree St

• Several intersection treatments to include bike boxes, two‐stage left‐turn queue boxes, raised cycle tracks and bicycle‐oriented traffic signals

High‐Quality Bicycle Projects Funded for 2014

• +34.0 miles of high quality bicycle facilities

• +16.5 miles of buffered bicycle lanes, bicycle bicycle boulevards boulevards and and

protected /raised cycle tracks

• +9.5 miles of shared‐use paths (PATH Foundation)

• Federal funding identified, City’s match not yet fully budgeted

High‐Quality Bicycle Projects Funded for 2014 Examples:

• Shared‐use paths connecting Atlanta BeltLine Westside Trail to Centennial Olympic Park, John White Park and Adams Park

• Buffered bicycle lanes on Ponce de Leon Ave between Piedmont Ave and Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail

• Bicycle lanes along Auburn Ave/Edgewood Ave (Woodruff Pk to Boulevard) and

along ML King Jr Dr /Mitchell St (Atlanta University Center to Downtown)

• Protected one‐way cycle track on Juniper St (14 St to North Ave)

• $2.0M for facilities recommended by Cycle Atlanta: Phase 1.0 Study (likely along JE Boone Blvd//R McGill Blvd, Lee St//Murphy Ave and Howell Mill Rd//Marietta St corridors)

• Segments of the Buckhead 400 Trail connecting the Atlanta BeltLine corridor to Buckhead business district and points north

Bicycle Network with All Projects (c. 2016)

• 120 miles of high quality bicycle facilities

• 60 miles of buffered bicycle lanes, bicycle boulevards and protected /raised cycle tracks

• 60 miles of shared‐use paths

• Hundreds of innovative intersection treatments

2011‐2012 Funding

  • $10,000 Bikes Belong grant to ABC for innovative treatments at W Peachtree St and 5th St (in partnership with City, and with additional funding from GA Tech and Midtown Alliance)

  • $8,878,278 in Livable Centers Initiative ( ) (LCI) fundingg for buffered bicycle lanes and cycle tracks on Juniper St, Peachtree Rd and Ponce de Leon Ave

  • $4,068,880 in LCI funding for bike/ped facilities along streetcar corridor

  • $2,087,399 in Transportation Enhancement (TE) funding for shared‐use use paths in east, west, and northwest Atlanta

  • $782,640 in TCSP funding for bike/ped bridge at Ponce City Market

  • $80,000 in LCI funding to complete Cycle Atlanta Study: Phase 1.0

  • Cycle Atlanta app, Ga Tech ($80,000‐LCI grant from ARC and $20,000 ABC)

Other accomplishments

  • Officially endorsed endorsed the the NACTO NACTO Urban Urban Bikeway Design Guide (one (one of few SE cities)

  • DPW policy to consider bike facilities in conjunction with maintenance projects

  • Atlanta Streets Alive ~25,000 people walking and biking October 2012

  • ABC Completed Bicycle Sharing Feasibility Study early 2013