Atlanta Bike to Work Challenge concludes, over 1000 participate

Over 1,000 commuters - including many new to bike commuting - took part in the first-ever Atlanta Bike to Work Challenge during the month of October!

A heartfelt thank you to all the participants - your enthusiasm makes it likely this program will return in 2013, bigger and better than ever. 



Check out these numbers

  • 1,070 participants signed up to compete
  • 17,125 bike trips were logged
  • 130,000 miles were not driven
  • 64.97 tons of pollution were kept out of the air we all breathe

Grand Prize Winners

The top placing teams won a $100 REI gift card for each team member.

  • First Place: Alta Aces
  • Second Place: Thunder Spokes
  • Third Place: Sun and Moon

Each of the individuals with the top scores won a cyclist backpack, valued at $79.60.

  • First Place: Stephen Becher
  • Second Place: Alison Amyx
  • Third Place: Mary Ann Schneider
  • Fourth Place: Amber Raley
  • Fifth Place: Andrew Lane
  • Sixth Place: Heather Miller
  • Seventh Place: Traci Huckaby

EntryFacebook Photo Contest (visit the Clean Air Campaign's Facebook page for all the awesome photos entered)

Team Winners: GIPL, Oranje, Maximum Performance

Individual Winners: Alison Amyx, Max Cavier, Carol Madrigal



Clean Air Campaign collects "Bicycle Commuter Diaries" entries from:

Tracie: "For those interested in getting started, I’d be happy to show you my gear, route, and wardrobe. In fact you can check out pictures on my Facebook page to see what I wear and even get a few tips (I like to share)." 

Doug: "Learning to live without complete reliance on a car is extremely liberating. It’s exciting to watch more people in this city free themselves from that dependency")

Becky: "Now with three weeks of biking under my belt, my speed hasn't increased, but my huffing and puffing has decreased. On the bike, I save time and get exercise. Biking has transformed my commute to work."


Weekly Prize Winners

Final week:

  • Robert Brown
  • Rick Slade
  • Madeline Bryant
  • Nicholas Ingkatanuwat
  • Jozette Kauffman
  • Jason Wang
  • Donald Hoefer

Remember that even though the challenge has ended, you can keep entering trips (and winning gift cards!) at