A tale of two universities - one is silver and the other bronze

Tonight, in what may be a first for the city, not one, but two Atlanta Bicycle Friendly Universities are holding bicycle town halls! 

Emory BFA SealEmory University was among the first institutions to be so recognized in 2010, achieving the Bronze level, and this year the Georgia Institute of Technology was awarded silver. What do these two schools have in common, other than being great places to get an education and ride bikes? Well, both have staff who serve on the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition's board, and both have been graced with the assistance of a certain dedicated intern. Nice to see a little healthy local competition and sharing of best practices when it comes to bikes! 

Read more about both town halls below. 


Thursday (the 25th of October) at 7pm in CULC room 152 we’ll be hosting a townhall and charette session to discuss some major projects going on at the BIIC:

- Possible dismount zones/signage along Tech Walkway to reduce conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians

- Changes to bike lanes on Ferst Dr/5th between Klaus Computing and Tech Square to reduce conflicts between cyclists and motorists

- Different potential avenues for addressing the need for further bike racks on campus.

These three issues are major priorities, and we’ll be discussing ACTUAL options for addressing these issues, as well as soliciting feedback and additional suggestions from participants. This is your chance to help direct some major bike-related choices!

Though the aforementioned issues are priorities, we also welcome input on how we can reduce other conflicts around campus between cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists, and suggestions for what you’d like to see in the area around Tech in terms of bicycle-related improvements would be welcome also (as are any other bike-related topics you want to bring up to administrators and the BIIC!). Members of the Bicycle Infrastructure Improvement Committee (BIIC), which is tasked with identifying and implementing improvements for bicycling around the campus (over the last two years they have secured over $100,000 for said improvements), will be on hand to hear you feedback and suggestions.

Basically, if you want to have your voice heard, this is the time and place to do it!

Emory Bicycle Town Hall Tonight 

Townhall & Halloween Group RideTonight, the new student bicycle advocacy and social group, Emory Spokes Council, is holding its first event with Bike Emory.

The event will take place at the DUC in room 507 at 4:30 pm with an optional group Halloween costume making for the Halloween Critical Mass group ride tomorrow (see below for event details).

At 6:00 pm the Emory Spokes Council will present with Q&A directly following the presentation.

If you have questions about the event contact Kennedy at EmorySpokesCouncil@gmail.com.