Connecting Bicycle Lanes at 5th and West Peachtree Street

Intersection at West Peachtree Street and 5th Street.

5th Street is a heavily used bicycle route, with bike lanes connecting Midtown to Georgia Tech's campus. Unfortunately the street is diconnected, with a jag on West Peachtree. 

Cyclists heading from Midtown to Georgia Tech have to merge across West Peachtree's fast-moving traffic flow to turn left onto 5th Street. Traveling from Georgia Tech to Midtown, bike riders often jump onto the sidewalk, creating potentially dangerous conflicts between vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. 

So we when came across a Bikes Belong grant opportunity to address needed safety improvements, we decided to apply for a project to better connect the 5th Street bike lanes. 

Matched and then some by Midtown Alliance and Georgia Tech, in partnership with the City of Atlanta, this project designed an innovative solution to make the intersection safer for all users.  

The layout includes what will be Atlanta's first cycle track, a two stage turn movement (more colorfully known as an "Amsterdam left"), and a dedicated bicycle crossing signal. 

Stay tuned for more exciting bicycle improvements in the Midtown Improvement District