Ramble Routes


About these Routes

The Ramble has been stitched together from several routes ridden by an intown cycling group with penchants for exploration, variety, and the occasional steep uphill. These routes explore a part of Atlanta that is frequently overlooked and provide a chance for the road cyclist to experience a few hidden gems in the southern and western parts of the city: covered bridges, forested trails, and quiet broad streets.

You’ll find some familiar routes too. Any ride to the southwest of town should take advantage of the relative flatness that runs down by the airport. All routes except the 22-mile route spend time on this road.

A frequently asked question is “What is the best approach to the Silver Comet Trail by bike?” The Metric Century and longer routes show you two good ways to reach this popular destination, and also offer alternatives for reaching the East Point Velodrome.

Besides the Silver Comet, the PATH Foundation has sprinkled a few other less well-known trails. All routes spend time on a few of these segregated facilities. Riding the Ramble will show you some favorite ways to reach these trails.

Course Materials

Ramble Riders are encouraged to print their own copies of maps and cue sheets if they are needed. To reduce the paper being used, ABC is only printing a very limited number of copies of course materials.

There are a few resources available as shown in this table. There is a map, a cue sheet, a hill profile (image file), and a GPX file which can be loaded into a GPS device.

The Cue Sheets also include waypoints for hazards, rest stops, and points of interest which are not visible on printed copies of the maps.

If you are undecided which route you will be riding, print and bring copies of each.

Route Route (on bikely.com) Cue Sheets (from bikely.com) Elevation Profile (PNG format) GPX download 22-mile 47-mile Metric Century (100K/62-mile) 75-mile Century (100-mile)
2010 Ramble Routes

Google Earth users can view color-coded maps, and "fly" the routes using this download: RambleRoutes.kmz

Route Features

What you can expect to see on each route:

On the 22-mile option

- Beltline Trail near Rose Circle Park
- Residential streets in West End
- Westview Trail (a Beltline spur over to Westview Cemetery)
- Lionel Hampton Trail (we often see deer and wild turkeys -- if you're the first to come through)
- Rest Stop at Space (http://www.spaceatlanta.com/gpage1.html)
- Passes through Georgia Tech, Atlanta University Center, and Georgia State

On the 47-mile option

- All of the above plus the following:
- Optional stop at Georgia's Champion Oak Tree, in a grove of several giants
- A pass by the Dick Lane Velodrome
- Roosevelt Highway (from the Airport ride, excellent flat/straight for pacelines*)
- Rest Stop at Welcome All Park
- Fairburn Road (another good paceline road, but this one is shady, and rolling with gentle curves)
- Benjamin Mays: the longest stretch of Bike Lane in Atlanta.

On the Metric Century option (62 miles)

(hillier at the end than the beginning)
- Everything on the 47-mile up to Benjamin Mays
- mile-long climb at about 6% grade
- several short/steep ascents/descents
- Historic single-lane Covered Bridge
- Rest Stop at the Concord Road trailhead of the Silver Comet Trail
- a few miles on the Silver Comet

On the 75-mile option

- All of the features of the Metric Century plus:
- extra loop down to Fairburn providing more hills on lovely roads
- second pass through Welcome All Park Rest Stop.

On the Century option

- All of the features of the 75-mile option plus:
- Riverside Parkway on the NW side of the Chattahoochee (popular road for several routes)
- Rest Stop at Sweetwater Creek State Park
- Hillcrest Drive: you know any road that has 'Hill' in the name gets the cyclist's attention. This one is a 300' drop over 1.2 miles. Fun with a capital 'S' for scream.

Visual Catalog of Routes