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The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is your voice for better biking. We represent a rapidly growing member base of 1,400 individuals who share a vision of a more bike friendly Atlanta. By becoming a member you are directly supporting our work in advocating for high-quality, connected bike infrastructure, educating drivers and cyclists alike, and fostering active, healthy communities.
Being a member:
  • Makes you a vital part of our work making Atlanta better -- by bike
  • Photo Credit: Steve EberhardtKeeps you up to date with the latest in Atlanta bicycle advocacy, including important action items and volunteer opportunities
  • Gives you access to bicycle classes and safety information
  • Connects you with the Atlanta bicycling community through great events 
All members also receive:       
  • Discounts at local businesses and bike shops
  • $5 off all ABC apparel
  • Free bike trailer & bike blender rental from ABC
  • Discounts on registration for ABC signature rides
  • 50% off Zipcar annual membership rates and $25 in driving credits. Click here to join Zipcar for $25 (instead of $50), then use the promo code bike25 to get $25 in free driving credit(expires 30 days after approval)                                                                                  

Member Levels

Student / Limited Income: $30 • Family: $50 • Patron $100 • Event $250 • Super Sponsor $500 •  Bike Angel $1000

(+$100 members receive a free ABC t-shirt of their choice.)

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