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Everyone’s heard the saying, "It’s like riding a bike - you never forget how." The truth is that many of us learn how to physically ride a bike, but there's a lot more to bicycle safely that we never learn, and things that without practice we would forget (like the emergency quick turn - a vital crash avoidance technique). These compact yet comprehensive classes cover everything you need to know to learn to bike safely and confidently around metro Atlanta - from bike handling skill drills to an instructor-led ride with feedback to reinforce what you learn in class.

For those learning to ride for the first time - you're not alone! Check out our True Beginners class to get rolling on two wheels.

Join us for safer, more confident cycling!







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Class Categories

True Beginners

A class for adult first-time bike riders. If you missed out on the experience of learning to ride a bicycle as a kid, this is the class for you. Learn in a welcoming and nonjudgmental environment, using techniques developed specifically for first-timers. This class will have you soon riding with friends and family before you can say "whee!" Offered for adults and teens 14 and over. Duration: 4 hrs

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Commuting 101 Class

Biking to work (or school, to run errands, etc) can be a practical way to increase your fitness level while saving money, conserving energy, protecting the environment, and becoming more involved in your community. This class walks you through the considerations and planning to become an occasional or avid bike commuter. This class also includes bike handling skills and hands-on demo of how to fix a flat tire. Duration: 3 hrs

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Confident City Cycling

This compact yet comprehensive class covers everything you need to know to learn to “drive” your bicycle safely and confidently around metro Atlanta. Class includes knowledge on how to fix a flat, bike handling skills, and an instructor-led ride with feedback to reinforce what you learn in class. This class has something for everyone! Whether you are new to urban cycling and want to gain confidence riding on urban streets, a trail rider who would like to bicycle around the neighborhood with your kids, a bike commuter looking for tips on crash avoidance, or a bike enthusiast interested in leading your own rides, you’ll be surprised by what you learn. Duration: 4 hrs

Prerequisite: printed proof of having completed the free online TS101 course available at Bring your bicycle to class.

No classes currently scheduled.

Private instruction

ABC can provide a private instructor upon request and pending availability. Fee is set by private instructor, but it is $50 an hour. Please email or call us at (404) 881-1112 to set up your class today. For more details, visit  private instruction.