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ABC changes name to Atlanta Bicycle Coalition

ABC's board and members voted to change our name to Atlanta Bicycle Coalition to reflect our belief that it will take a community-wide effort to create a bicycle-friendly Atlanta. We remain deeply committed to the advocacy work implied in "campaign" but within the framework of a coalition of organizations, businesses, government and individuals working together to effect change. As Albert Einstein observed, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”

EarthShare Georgia

The Atlanta Bicycle Campaign is a proud member of EarthShare Georgia, an environmental coalition offering workplace giving options. Our member number is 69788. Visit EarthShare's website or contact ABC to learn about the many ways to contribute!

Our board of directors

The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition is proud to be governed by a diverse board of directors, people who are not only committed to advancing the cause of bicycling in and around Atlanta, but also to making our city and its neighborhoods better places to live and work in a variety of ways. Our 2013 board list is below - get to know an ABC board member today!

2010 Goals and Priorities

1. Set out on path towards a Bike-Friendly City of Atlanta!

  • Convince city of Atlanta and other metro Atlanta cities to designate bicycle coordinators.
  • Work with city of Atlanta to prioritize implementation of the Connect Atlanta Bike Network.
    Goal: 15 miles per year. (Achieved - city to implement 15-20 miles in 2010.)
  • Establish goal for % of trips by bike to achieve by 2015.
  • Adopt education and/or bike awareness program with city of Atlanta. (In progress: sharrows awareness campaign)

Our policies

The Atlanta Bicycle Campaign wants you to be aware of the policies we have put in place to guide how we operate this website. You can read the details here.

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