Bike to Work Week

Bike commuters may be the only Atlanta commuters who look forward to their rides to and from work.

To spice up your commuting routine this year, consider adding a bike option!

Bike to Work Week -- May 13-17 -- is a great time to try it out. We'll have events, rides, and promotions to make it easier.

Friday, May 17 we're planning a star-studded Bike to Work Day. Stay tuned for more details!  









But you don't have to bike to work to help the environment and get fit - think about all the trips you make in an ordinary week, then write down those two miles or less. Those are quick and easy bike trips.

We hope during Bike Month you'll try riding to the library or park, help a neighbor get started biking, or just share the simple enjoyment of a ride with friends, family or co-workers.

Biking is an easy way to improve your personal health as well as that of your community.

Check out the National Bike Challenge to win prizes and compete with your friends and coworkers.