Shop 'n' Dine Peachtree by bike to help Connect the City

Connecting the City campaign updates

Thanks to your support, the campaign is on! We've commissioned an economic impact and parking assessment for Peachtree Street, and tomorrow's Bike Commuter Breakfast launches the fall "Shop 'n' Dine" initiative. The goal is to demonstrate the positive economic impact bike lanes will have on Atlanta's businesses. 

What can you do to help? The best way to garner support for bike lanes on Peachtree is for YOU to show business owners that people ride bikes to their shops/restaurants.

So the next time you bike to Peachtree to eat at The Nook or buy a rug at CB2, make your presence known! Using the hashtag #bikepeachtree, Instagram yourself, tweet directly at the business, or post a picture of yourself on their Facebook page. Here's a partial list of Peachtree business handles to get you started. 
If you really want to help us put a friendly face on Atlanta cyclists, print these cards and hand one to the store's owner, letting him or her know how much Peachtree bike lanes would mean to you. THANK YOU for supporting the Connecting the City campaign!