Want more bike projects? Check out the regional transportation sales tax lists, then vote July 31!

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On July 31, 2012, voters in the ten-county Atlanta metro area will decide whether to fund local and regional transportation projects through a regional transportation referendum. The Georgia state economist has estimated total revenues from the referendum to be $7.2 billion over the ten-year period. This will be split into two separate pots of money: $6.1 billion (85% of the total) for regional projects, and 15% allocated directly to counties and cities for local projects.

For those who ride a bike or would like to, we've assembled a list of the bicycle projects the funding would build. 

Both the regional and local projects include bicycle facilities, but the greater portion of bicycle and pedestrian improvements will come through the 15% of funding for local governments. That's because trips made by foot or on bike tend to be more local in nature. Regional bike/walk trips tend to include transit, and transit projects make up a healthy percentage of the regional project list--52%! To see what Atlanta's new rail map would look like, visit Citizens for Progressive Transit.

Tia map screenshotComplete Streets Approach

While there are only a handful of stand-alone bicycle projects on the list, 45-60% of the road projects take a "complete streets" approach, integrating bicycle and/or pedestrian facilities with roadway improvements. Rather than bemoaning the lack of bike-only projects, we celebrate our inclusion in road building - this is a big step in the right direction towards truly complete streets! 
To check out list for yourself, click here for detailed project descriptionshere for the regional project list, or check out the Atlanta Regional Roundtable's interactive map (great tool to find projects in your area!)

Stand-Alone Bicycle Projects on the Regional List

  • Southeast Industrial Park Path Connection. “This project would enhance pedestrian/bicyclist/golf cart safety...and provide a clean, safe transportation alternative other than use of an automobile to get from home, to work, and to shopping. This project would follow an existing unpaved trail currently used by joggers and mountain bikers. However, since the path is dirt and lacks any formal connection to the adjacent industrial tenants, employees drive to work instead of using alternative modes of transportation (walking, biking, golf carts, etc.) and thus add to congestion on SR 74 South several times each day”
  • South Industrial Park Path Connection. “This project will enhance pedestrian/bicyclist/golf cart safety....and provide a clean, safe transportation alternative to work other than the automobile. This path would connect the Federal Aviation Administration facility, the existing GDOT tunnel under SR 74 South to the Baseball & Soccer Complex...”
  • Dorris Road Multiuse Path Phase I--Transportation Center to Prestley Mill Road. “This project would be Phase I of a 10’ multi-use path going to the Douglas County Multi-modal Transportation Center then to Prestley Mill Road... The proposed multi-use path would connect West Central Technical College, the Douglas County Transportation Center, Wellstar Hospital, various medical offices, the Douglas County Senior CEnter, the new jail, and the Douglas County Courthouse. The project would have minimal impact on the environment...”
  • Dorris Road Multiuse Path Phase 2--Prestley Mill Road from I-20 West to Slater Mill Road. “This project would be Phase II of a 10’ multi-use path going to the Douglas County Multi-modal Transportation Center.”
  • Lawrenceville Highway from Hood Road to Hillcrest Road--Multiuse trail and pedestrian improvements.
A rendering of the Atlanta BeltLine corridor at 10th St and Monroe Dr looking south. Funding from the Transportation Referendum would build the streetcar transit depicted in this image, next to the multi-use trail which is now under construction. Photo credit BeltLine.org

Complete Streets / Transit Projects with Bicycle Facilities on Regional List:

  • Atlanta BeltLine and Atlanta Streetcar Transit and Trail--Downtown to Northeast
  • Atlanta BeltLine and Atlanta Streetcar Transit and Trail--Downtown and Midtown to Southwest
  • Decatur to Clifton Corridor--Transit Connectivity and Safety Improvements. “Commerce Drive and Clairemont Avenue will be redesigned to provide safe bicycle and pedestrian facilities like sidewalks, bicycle lanes, and streetscaping. This will supplement existing TE funded projects for Church Street bicycle lanes... Commerce Drive is one of the highest crash locations for cyclists in the Metro Atlanta region and safety improvements are needed.”
  • Buford Highway (George Pierce Park to McGinnis Ferry Road)--Corridor Improvements. “The project is intended to convert Buford Highway into a multi-modal transportation corridor... The purpose of the improvement is to make the road more capable of accommodating pedestrians and cyclists... The design concept presents a multi-modal Buford Highway running through a compact walkable [Suwanee] Town Center. A context sensitive design will also be safer to use by pedestrians and cyclists. The proposed 2 lanes will have substantially less environmental impact than a 4-lane road would have.”
  • North Indian Creek Drive (Memorial Drive to Montreal Road)--Corridor Improvements. “This project may consist of adding...bike lanes. The improvements may be accomplished by implementing a road diet to allow for bike lanes... Sidewalks and bike lanes will tie into the Atlanta to Stone Mountain multi-use trail."
  • Fayetteville Road from McDonough Road in Fayette County to Tara Boulevard in Clayton County--widening. “The 5.49 mile project would provide an urban four-lane roadway with...4 foot bicycle lanes. The project is included in...ARC’s Atlanta Region Bicycle Transportation and Pedestrian Walkways Plan.”
  • Clifton Road at CSX Railroad--Bridge Replacement and  Paul KreugerAssociated Improvements to Haygood Road “The project will...add...bike lanes.”
  • Buford Hwy/Peachtree Industrial Boulevard Connector--New Alignment. “This project completes a regional link from Buford Hwy to Peachtree Blvd.... It also includes a bridge over the New Peachtree road/rail corridor and connects existing roads... The proposed typical section includes...two cycle tracks.... It would establish crucial connectivity to the GM site from Doraville and Chamblee.”
  • Atlanta Street from Chattahoochee River to Marietta Highway--widening and corridor improvements. “This project will improve multimodal connections between the riverfront and Roswell’s Historic District.”
  • Kimball Bridge Road from State Bridge Road to Jones Bridge Road--widening. “Pedestrian and bike improvements will include multi-use trail along the northern shoulder...”
  • Mt. Vernon Road from Fulton County Line to Dunwoody Club Drive--corridor improvements. “The Mount Vernon Road corridor improvement project includes...bike lanes.”
  • Walther Boulevard North/South Connection--New alignment and overpass at SR 316. “The purpose of the project is to provide Georgia Gwinnett College an alternative vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian access across SR 316.”
  • Moon Station Road at CSX Railroad--New Alignment and Overpass. “The project also includes...bike lanes... Improvements will allow for easier and safer pedestrian and bicycle use.”
  • Abbotts Bridge Road (Parsons Road to Peachtree Industrial Blvd)--"This projects...will include sidwalk along hte southern shoulder and a multi-use trail along the northern shoulder to align with the City of Johns Creek Future Sidewalk and Trail Network Map."
  • Lake Acworth Drive from Cobb Parkway to Cherokee Street--widening. “This project will...[add] sidewalks and a multi-use trail.”
  • Jonesboro Connector from Tara Boulevard to Lake Jodeco Road--new alignment. “This project would...[enhance] the ability to walk and bicycle on downtown streets.”
  • Lee Road/South Sweetwater Road from I-20 West to Bankhead Highway--widening. “The project also includes a multi-use trail and sidewalk.”
  • SR 92 from Fairburn Road to Dallas Highway--Phases I, II and III Realignment. “The SR 92 project concept...includes bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.”
  • Veterans Memorial Highway from Thornton Road to Sweetwater Road--widening. “The project concept consists of a four lane grass median separated roadway section to include bicycle and pedestrian facilities...”
  • Courtland Street at CSX Rail Line and MARTA East Line--bridge replacement. “The bridge will be designed to accommodate multiple modes of transportation, including bicycles, pedestrians, transit and freight vehicles”
  • Pryor Street at CSX Rail Line and MARTA East Line--bridge replacement. “The bridge will be designed to accommodate multiple modes of transportation, including bicycles, pedestrians, transit and freight vehicles”
  • Central Avenue at CSX Rail Line and MARTA East Line--bridge replacement. “The bridge will be designed to accommodate multiple modes of transportation, including bicycles, pedestrians, transit and freight vehicles”
  • Piedmont Avenue from Cheshire Bridge Road to Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive--Corridor Improvements. “This project includings pavement resurfacing...and pavement marking upgrades as appropriate”
  • Rockbridge Road from Memorial Drive to Rock Chapel Road--Corridor Improvements. “Committee...made the recommendation of adding...sidewalk/bike lanes. Pedestrian facilities and bike lanes will tie into existing and proposed trail locations.”
  • College Avenue from Adair Street to North Clarendon Avenue--Corridor Improvements. “The project may consist of adding bike lanes...”
  • Ashford Dunwoody Road from Peachtree Road) to I-285 North--corridor improvements. “The scope of the project may include...adding bike lanes.”
  • West Liddell Road/Club Drive Connector--New alignment and Overpass at I-85 North. “The Project will result in improved mobility for a variety of travel modes, including pedestrians and bicyclists.”
  • Camp Creek Parkway from I-85 South to Welcome All Road-Widening. “Parkway Trail Phases II and III could be extended from College Park MARTA Station to Georgia International Convention Center...”
  • SR 400 at Holcomb Bridge Road--Interchange improvements. “Possible bicycle and pedestrian connectivity”
  • North Druid Hills Road from Buford Highway to Lawrenceville Highway--Corridor Improvements. “The vision of this corridor may add...bike/pedestrian improvements”

Additionally, 31 projects reference a bike/ped improvement without calling out specific facility types. 


Bike LanesCycle TracksIntersectionsSignalsSigns & Markings


Bicycle Projects on the City of Atlanta Local List

This list represents five years of projects and would double our current miles of bikeway in the city! The sales tax would be in place for ten years, so to see this much improvement with just half the funding is pretty impressive. 

Funds from the referendum would build 29 miles of streets with bike facilities, including bike lanes, cycle tracks, signeage, and multi-use paths. (Click here for links to all City of Atlanta projects.) Below we've compiled projects loosely by neighborhoods.

  • In Little Five Points, Moreland Avenue from Euclid Avenue to DeKalb Avenue will undergo a lane conversion (aka road diet) to add bicycle facilities, median and/or on-street parking - the exact project will depend on what GDOT will approve as this is a state route. A mid-block crossing will be added from Mansfield Drive to Euclid Avenue. Further south, the intersection of Moreland Avenue and Arkwright Place will be reconstructed, converting the east/west legs of Arkwright Place to prevent left turns off Moreland, a bicycle and pedestrian crossing, and bicycle facilities added to the two blocks of Arkwright just east and west of Moreland including multi-use path approaches to the intersection, adding safety and ease of crossing Moreland Avenue.
  • On the 2.6 mile stretch of DeKalb Avenue from the Inman Park-Reynoldstown MARTA station (Hurt St.) to the Decatur city limits, the reversible lane will be removed and bike lanes and turn lanes added. The road will be milled and repaved. Bicycle improvements will also be added to DeKalb Ave at Oakdale Rd/Whitefoord Ave and DeKalb Ave at DeKalb Pl/Rocky Ford Rd. And from DeKalb Ave from Arizona Ave to DeKalb Pl/Rocky Ford Rd, a multi-use path will be installed to connect with the existing Path to Decatur!
  • In Grant Park, Cherokee Avenue will get bike facilities from Woodward Avenue to Georgia Avenue and a multi-use path for bicyclists and pedestrians will be built along Cherokee Avenue from Grant Park to Chosewood Park. There will be bicycle safety improvements along Boulevard from Memorial Drive to McDonough, most likely two travel lanes, a two-way left-turn lane and bicycle lanes or parking depending on neighborhood preference, as well as a including a roundabout (slowing driver speeds) at Englewood.
  • In Peoplestown, a multi-use path will be added to Boynton Avenue from Hank Aaron Drive to Martin Street.
  • In West Lake, a multi-use path for bicyclists and pedestrians will be added from the Lionel Hampton Trail in Mozley Park to the existing trail in Anderson Park, connecting to MARTA West Lake Station, Turner Middle School, and the Kindezi Charter School.
  • In Sylvan Hills, Sylvan Road will have bicycle facilities from Lee Street to Langford Parkway.
  • In the neighborhoods around the Atlanta University Center, bike lanes will be added to J.E. Boone Boulevard (formerly Simpson St) from J.E. Lowery Boulevard (formerly Ashby St) to Northside Drive, and to J.E. Lowery Boulevard from J.E. Boone Boulevard to Mitchell Street. M.L. King Jr Dr will undergo a lane conversion from Ollie St to Northside Dr to add pedestrian refuge islands, on-street parking and bicycle lanes east of Sunset Ave.
  • In Cascade Heights, Cascade Road will be milled and repaved, with a lane conversion for  bicycle lanes, a two-way left-turn lane and median/pedestrian refuge islands along from Herring Rd to RD Abernathy Blvd, including the addition of a left-turn only lane on Cascade Ave eastbound to RD Abernathy Blvd northbound. Bicycle accommodations will be added on Adams Drive bridge at Utoy Creek.
  • Near Greenbriar Mall, Greenbriar Parkway and Continental Colony Parkway will have bicycle facilities added from Campbellton Road to Hogan Road.
  • On the Westside, Howell Mill Road will get bike lanes from Huff Road to Marietta Street and a multi-use path for bicyclists and pedestrians will connect Huff Road to the Atlanta BeltLine. Huff Rd from CSX railroad bridge to Howell Mill Rd be widened to create a complete street with two travel lanes, a two-way left-turn lane, sidewalks, and a multi-use path connection to the Atlanta BeltLine.
  • In Peachtree Hills, the Atlanta BeltLine Trail will be built from Dellwood Drive to Peachtree Road.
  • Around Buckhead, a multi-use path for bicyclists and pedestrians will be added on Northside Drive from Northgate Drive to Mount Paran Road, and on Powers Ferry Road from the city limits to Roswell Road.
  • Around Chastain Park, milling and repaving, sidewalk and ADA ramp repair and installation, new sidewalk and multi-use path construction and intersection safety improvements along Powers Ferry Rd from city limits to Roswell Rd. Bicycle facilities will be added on Jett Road from Powers Ferry Road to the city limits and on Hillside Drive from Northside Drive to Powers Ferry Road.
  • In Atlantic Station, Mecaslin Street from Loring Heights to Atlantic Station will get a multi-use path for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Piedmont Avenue from Cheshire Bridge Road to ML King Jr. Dr. will get pavement markings and possible bike facilities.

See all City of Atlanta bike projects mapped here.

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