Bike class testimonials

We get great feedback on our bike classes - please see below for a few representative comments!


As a California native, I grew up with large, wide bike lanes on most major streets- and for those streets with no bike lanes, they were usually plenty wide enough to share with other motor vehicles. So when I came here to ATL, I hated the fact that it is so dangerous to ride on streets especially on the way to Emory (I've had some classmates get hit by cars and have to go to the hospital).

I just took the beginners class on urban cycling offered by Atlanta Bicycle Coalition (formerly Atlanta Bicycle Campaign)- and it gave me a great primer on how to safely ride throughout the city, in just about every circumstance. It's a ~4-5 hour long class, which not only teaches you concepts via very helpful videos, but also teaches you some techniques to avoid bike accidents through demonstrations and practice time (everyone brings their bikes to class).

If you want to be more comfortable with using your bike around town, this class is definitely worth your time (and money)!

--Michael L.


I attended an ABC class last year and got a lot out of it. I have been commuting daily since June 2008. Am riding 11 miles to Emory Campus from the Northlake Mall area. Have put over 700 miles on the bike this year already. It's been fun and oh so good for the fitness. I am going to be riding with the Tour de Cure Training ride from Smyrna Bicycle shop on Saturday for a 30 mile ride. Then in May I'll be out there on the Tour de Cure. Bike riding is fun!

-- Bob

And finally, here's a student who has just learned to ride through our "Learn to Ride at Any Age" class: