ABC moving to Portland...on April 1. By bike.

Kidding! No one is allowed to move to Portland, you know that. It's kind of a rule we have.

Portland has enough people like you already - people who think biking is a normal, if especially fun, part of everyday life.

Atlanta, now ... Atlanta needs you! Stay put, settle down, and have an Atlanta-famous donut instead.

You say Portland has bikes - Atlanta has bikes! Portland has craft brews - Atlanta has craft brews! Portland has weird - you know Atlanta has weird. So we don't have a bike moving company yet - that's a business opportunity, not a detriment. 

Stay put and help us make this city bike.

If the thought of a cross-country bike move got you all fired up, go ahead and sign up to volunteer with us at the April 20 Atlanta Streets Alive - a little slice of of Portland, only home-grown and Southernified. Or become a neighborhood bike liaison. Or get to know your City Councilmember so we can get more/better bikeways. There's so much to do and you are already making a difference.  

Sign up here to volunteer for Atlanta Streets Alive. 

Or just go watch some Portlandia.