City of Atlanta approves $2.5 Million for bike projects in 2013!

Congratulations, Atlanta residents and visitors - the city just approved $2.47 million for high-quality Complete Streets-style bike projects in 2013! 

Thank you to everyone who contacted your councilmembers or signed the petition, to the Atlanta Office of Planning for creating the project list and making the case, to the Mayor's Office for bringing the proposal to Council, and to the Finance Committee and Councilmembers for voting in favor. 

The money comes from existing bond revenues, and another ~$2.5 million will go towards bridges and streetscaping. In just one year, this will add 15 miles of high-quality bicycle infrastructure to our city. To put this in context, cities like Washington DC and Seattle build 10-15 miles of bike lanes annually. Those are pretty good cities to have in our bike-friendly sights!

Project List

More details on exciting projects above

  • James P Brawley "bike boulevard" (1st in city) connecting Atlanta University Center to neighborhoods with mini traffic circles and other improvements
  • 2-way cycle track on Peachtree Center Ave between Edgewood and Peachtree, to allow cyclists to bypass the streetcar tracks coming to that section of Peachtree Street and better connect to east/west bicycle routes
  • A road diet adding bike lanes on Decatur Street, from Jesse Hill to Jackson, connecting GSU to the King Center MARTA station
  • Murphy Ave bike lanes, creating better connectivity for residents of Southwest Atlanta and neighboring cities East Point and College Park
  • 10th St cycle track on bridge to create a safer crossing
  • 10th Street cycle track from Piedmont to Monroe, connecting with the BeltLine Eastside Trail
  • Charles Allen/Parkway cycle track or bike lanes
  • Krog Street & tunnel add sharrows and lighting, improve pavement in tunnel
  • Peachtree St install sharrows on most of Peachtree, bike lanes on wide section over the interstate, connecting with Peachtree Ave cycle track to Edgewood
  • 2-way cycle track from Peters St to Mitchell St bridge, connecting Mitchell Street bike lanes with Castleberry Hill neighborhood
  • West Peachtree upgrade bike lane to standard width
  • 5th Street upgrade bike lane and improve pavement
  • McLendon add bike lanes from Arizona to Howard
  • Edgewood Ave upgrade bike lanes and intersection improvements (eg bike boxes)
These are great investments - bicycle and pedestrian projects create 11-14 jobs per $1 million spent, compared to 7 jobs created per $1 million spent on highway projects. Cost benefit analyses show that up to $11.80 in benefits can be gained for every $1 invested in bicycling and walking (source: Benchmarking 2012 media fact sheet).

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